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Applied Sanskrit – Grammatical Analysis of 50 Stories

Why this course

I have been learning Sanskrit for the past five years and found many difficulties in the method of teaching by different instructors. I always felt incomplete and wanting more because most of the lectures are just brushing up a topic. So, I created this course to teach Sanskrit to absolute beginner in easy to follow steps and in totality. My objective is to inspire my students, to learn Sanskrit completely, progressively and cumulatively to shorten their learning curve. This course will greatly improve your comprehending skills, reading skills and Sanskrit language skills. Just give a try and find yourself!

Course Statistics

Course Status : Published
Meant for : Beginner
Video : Around 100 Hours
Lectures : Around 200 Sessions
Duration : 2 Months
Study Materials : Included
Prerequisite : Basics of Sanskrit
Hosted at : Udemy

Course Syllabus

Brief Course Intro

Having learnt the complete Sanskrit language structure, I attempted to read some story books in Sanskrit and found that most sentence constructions were a mixture of different words I learnt and they are related with the verb in one or the other sense. And, I understood, that without complete understanding of relations of words with verbs in connection with Subject and Object of the sentence, we may interpret the meaning strangely and wrongly.

So, I examined and found the words in different case endings are related to such other word and gradually I got clear meaning out of each sentence. So, I designed this Story Analysis Course for the benefit of beginners, who having studied the language structure can understand how the skills are to be applied to construct our own sentences and analyze a sentence.

It is always easy to read and understand a story as a beginner than reading a subject book in Sanskrit, because we can relate many of the situations in a story to our real life characters. Most of the dialogues can be easily understood without the need for dictionary. Most words will be repeated in different stories and we can understand how in different contexts, the same word gives different meaning. In this process we will remember more words and our vocabulary strength will improve gradually in multiple ways.

I will be explaining each and every word of every sentence in a story, for sentence construction voices like active voice, passive voice, verbs for parasmaipada, atmanepada, case endings of words like nominative, accusative, instrumental and so on, the relations between adjectives and words for gender, number, different krt and taddhita words, indeclinable with contextual meaning of words and so on. This course will surely prepare you to explore the Sanskrit texts on your own.

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