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Applied Sanskrit – Grammatical Analysis of 100 Verses

Why this course

I have been learning Sanskrit for the past five years and found many difficulties in the method of teaching by different instructors. I always felt incomplete and wanting more because most of the lectures are just brushing up a topic. So, I created this course to teach Sanskrit to absolute beginner in easy to follow steps and in totality. My objective is to inspire my students, to learn Sanskrit completely, progressively and cumulatively to shorten their learning curve. This course will greatly improve your comprehending skills, reading skills and Sanskrit language skills. Just give a try and find yourself!

Course Statistics

Course Status : Upcoming
Meant for : Beginner
Video : 50 Hours
Lectures : 200 Sessions
Duration : 3 Months
Study Materials : Included
Prerequisite : Basics of Sanskrit
Hosted at : Udemy

Course Syllabus

Brief Course Intro

Most of us start to learn Sanskrit to read and understand Sanskrit Shloka (Verse) on our own without getting much help from others. But, we find the difficulty in understanding such verses for want of clear knowledge of language structure. So, I prepared this course for my students to apply all the knowledge we learnt in all my three courses in getting the meaning out of the Sanskrit Verses (Shloka)

Almost all the Sanskrit Verses are constructed in a standard style and by applying the knowledge of Sandhi to properly split the verse in to words we can understand most of the Sanskrit Texts written in Verse form. There is a specific technique by which we need to practice splitting of Shloka and all such steps in dissolving the meaning of a Shloka is discussed in this course.

I did this course, mainly to make it clear that whatever be the Shloka whether it is Subhashitam, Ramayanam, Kalidasa Kavyam, Bhagavatgita the method and techniques are same. This course will make you independent learner of Sanskrit text

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