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Easy and Simple Sanskrit Grammar for Beginners Fluency

Why this course

I have been learning Sanskrit for the past five years and found many difficulties in the method of teaching by different instructors. I always felt incomplete and wanting more because most of the lectures are just brushing up a topic. So, I created this course to teach beginner to get complete picture of Sanskrit language. My objective is to inspire my students, to learn Sanskrit completely, progressively and cumulatively to shorten their learning curve. After completion of this course, you will get more clear picture of the Sanskrit Language Structure! Having completed, from now on, you can independently explore Sanskrit Texts.

Course Statistics

Course Status : Published
Meant for : Beginner
Video : 55 Hours
Lectures : 111 Sessions
Duration : 2 Months
Study Materials : Included
Prerequisite : Earlier Course Basics
Hosted at : Udemy

Course Syllabus

Brief Course Intro

This Beginners course is designed and structured to make you understand how different nouns and verbs are formed in Sanskrit language based on the Sanskrit Grammar but, without discussing grammar rules, so that beginner with basic Sanskrit knowledge will learn further and find it easy to complete this course, by reducing the learning curve in easy to follow explanations, study materials and with solved exercises.

In this course, the concept Sandhi, how derive declension forms of various nouns, 8 out of 10 verb categories and 8 out of 10 tense-moods and verb form derivations, Causal and Passive verb form derivations are discussed. Overall the verb, noun and Sandhi concepts are taken to next level with lot of explanations and exercises.

Around 400 different verb roots, 50 stories, 60 plus Sanskrit Shloka are included as Students Study Material for you to analyze Sanskrit sentence construction style and Shloka understanding methods. I am sure you will find it simple and easy to follow my lesson plans.

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