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Applied Sanskrit – Spoken Sanskrit in Three Comprehensive Steps

Why this course

I have been learning Sanskrit for the past five years and found many difficulties in the method of teaching by different instructors. I always felt incomplete and wanting more because most of the lectures are just brushing up a topic. So, I created this course to teach Sanskrit to absolute beginner in easy to follow steps and in totality. My objective is to inspire my students, to learn Sanskrit completely, progressively and cumulatively to shorten their learning curve. This course will greatly improve your expression skills, reading skills and Sanskrit language skills. Just give a try and find yourself!

Course Statistics

Course Status : Published
Meant for : All Level
Video : 68 Hours
Lectures : 177 Sessions
Duration : 2 Months
Study Materials : Included
Prerequisite : None
Hosted at : Udemy

Course Syllabus

Brief Course Intro

Learning a language and Speaking in that language are two different aspects and so, requires different approach. This course is hand crafted by me after listening to many such Spoken Sanskrit Classes. I designed this course in such a way, that you will progressively construct complex expressions gradually starting from two words, three words, four words, complete sentence and a paragraph of sentences, just like a child starts to speak in any language.

I am fascinated by the expressions of Sanskrit language that our expressions will purify over time, by avoiding unwanted words in our sentences and constructing very detailed expressive sentences whenever and wherever required. All such techniques are dealt in this course.

There is no need to think that you could not find a counterpart to speak, since you can express your thoughts in paper as dialogue, where you will be acting both as speaker and listener. This exercise will greatly improve your speaking skills and listening to lecture delivered in Sanskrit. I am sure that this course will improve your expressions!

You Can further improve your Sanskrit Vocabulary by reading along with me the Sanskrit Stories published in my YouTube Channel, Sanskrit Learners Club and explained in English for overall comprehension. Also take advantage of my Google Group, Sanskrit Learners Club, to interact with other co-learners and post your exercises or doubts, either as PDF or as pictures or by sending your Voice Clips

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