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These *Reviews are taken from my different Udemy Course Pages

Great course. Amazing syllabus, brilliant way of teaching and very helpful exercises. This is indeed a comprehensive Sanskrit course. -> Ankit Tiwari

It has been a fantastic experience. Sir teaches very well making sure students learn the contents in a simple and gradual manner. Highly recommend this course to anyone interested in learning Sanskrit from ground zero. -> Satish Rao

This course is beautiful, I started just a few days ago and can already understand some quotes from Adi Shankaracharya. I would suggest this course to anyone who is interested in Sanskrit. I truly accept you as my teacher Your student, Rudrapratap Deshmukh

Learning is made simple, easy to understand and follow with sufficient exercises to work on and practice. Thank you so much, Sir. -> Lokesh R

Mr. Shankar Iyer is a patient and methodical instructor who teaches you step by step and gradually helps you build up your understanding. He encourages you to explore and learn on your own. -> Padmanand Warrier

Yes. Shankar sir is extremely good. He has created this course in painstaking manner. If one just listen and watch these courses attentively he can have good understanding of the structure of language and much more. -> Ankit Durgapal

A very well structured introduction to sanskrit as a language. Definitely looking forward to entering the sea, that is sanskrit, with the guidance of Guru. -> Sudharsan N Venkatesh

Just like all of the other courses, this course is amazing! It teaches you Samasa very nicely, and then practically teaches you its applications through analysing Vishnu Puranam. Fabulous! -> Advay

Trainer preparing a much comfortable and a confident mindset within us to learn Sanskrit. Thanks to the Trainer. -> Nandeeshkumar R

This is amazing to have Sanskrit language course. I was searching it for a long time. Very excited to begin the course and hope to complete it as well. Thank you Guruji for thinking about adding this course here on udemy thank you for my guru! -> Bhawana Aggarwal

The teacher is quite good and I look forward for more insights. -> Abhishek

Feels blessed to learn from a teacher who has so much clarity in his expression and also the passion for Sanskrit shows in his style of teaching. -> Ashok Sripada

Its excellent. Starting from the basics and taking us in a well guided manner. -> Srikanth

It was wholesome,and the earnesty to learn the ancient language of my country for perpetuating my culture has given me more enthusiasm for attending the course. -> Samriddha Basu

I have completed almost 50% of this course and what I would like to say is that like a father teaches his children with all his patience, love, understanding and a lot of hardwork, Shankar Sir teaches his courses in the same way. Shankar Sir is not a co-student he is a guru who wants to genuinely help people. If you ever wanted to understand more about Indian culture and values then this course is just perfect. You will get a grip of the value systems along with the understanding of Sanskrit. The stories are no doubt interesting but what makes it even more interesting is how the sentences are constructed and the impeccable translation and explanation of Shankar Sir. His courses are a gift that keeps on giving. -> Lata Rao

Fantastic Course!!! The teacher is very knowledgeable and is someone who really wants the student to succeed. So, if you are really interested in learning Sanskrit then think no further and enroll in his courses. Rest assured, You won’t find a more sincere, hardworking and helpful teacher as Shankar Sir. -> Devika Rao

Interesting to listen to. Instructor seems enthused and aware of subject matter. Thank-you! -> Hanifa Menen

This is an excellent course, very well structured and taught. I felt the passion of Acharya Shankar Iyer about Sanskrit language and his desire to spread the knowledge throughout the course. I have taken up this course to enrich my ability to read and understand Sanskrit literature without the need of translating the content into other languages. I am very happy that I have completed this course and am making progress towards that endeavor. I want to sincerely thank Acharya Shankar Iyer for putting up this course. -> Hari Miriyala

Fantastic Course!!! If you are seriously contemplating about learning sanskrit then your search ends here. Shankar Sir really handholds and teaches Sanskrit right from the very basics. You won’t find a better course and a better teacher who can teach with so much patience, sincerity and understanding. Really thankful to Shankar Sir as well as Udemy for his courses. -> Lata Rao

Amazing experience till now , hope to complete the entire course as soon as possible and get further enriched by joining more such courses by Shri Shankar Iyer Sir. I recommend this course to anyone who is willing to understand Sanskrit Literature by easy means. Simple understanding and more clear explanation by Sir. I think this course is life changing experience for me. Once again thank you Shree Shankar Iyer Sir and Udemy. -> Dhananjay Upadhyay

This is a first class course on the subject which delivers lot more than promised . I have never seen any more detailed treatment of Sanskrit grammar and literary examples anywhere. My only request to the instructor is that he give citations to reference material for extra reading after the course. I am eagerly waiting for the Paninian grammar course. -> Rama Seshan Chandrasekaran

The teacher has taken great pains to design the course taking into account the possible learning difficulties in acquiring a new language from grass roots.Unlike other courses , here your questions and doubts regarding the subject are answered very fast by the teacher .You feel that the teacher is with you and you can get his guidance at every step.There are many exercises given in the course which will make us proficient in the language . -> Narayanaswamy P

feeling like an immersive learning experience ..i would have paid 2 times the money had i known what i was getting really inside. -> Ajay kumar sharma

I think I am looking for exactly this kind of teaching. Thank you! -> Uttaraa Jadhav

Clearly explains the teaching & learning methodology. Excited to get started! -> Rahul Lakshmanan

I liked the course very much! I have just started with the course, The instructor explains the concepts in a simple manner. This course is fun and interesting to watch. It grew my interest more in Sanskrit. Thanks -> Sanskar Khairnar

I have just completed 15% of the course. The instructor explains the concepts in a simple manner. There are lot of practise sessions to solidify your concepts. Overall the course is very structured and pleasant to go through. I am hoping to be good in Sanskrit after completing this course. Thanks -> Abhishek Bhalla

I dint have to go through the complete course to give this rating . The introduction was so honest and impressive I could easily connect to the teacher . Hoping the journey would be amazing -> Ajay Kumar Sahoo

Sir, I am really liking your teaching style. I want to learn full Sanskrit with you. As I progress, I will keep buying all the levels that you have to offer. -> Rhituparna Chakraborty

Gives a clarity on what the study content is about. Makes one eager to learn the language and reap it’s benefits. -> Lokesh R

This course is amazing. It has made many concepts very clear to me. It had made me understand all jargons of stocks and investing in the market. I can say I am definitely a better person now w.r.t investing in the stock market. Perfect. -> Prashanth CS

The teaching method of Shankar Sir is exceptional. He goes step by step and each of his lesson is well planned. He understands how to make teach so it can be absorbed and at the same time make it interesting. You don’t need anything else if you just follow the class and do exercises. Best of the best for Sanskrit learning. -> Dipika Solanki

I always had a deep desire to learn sanskrit systematically and I am glad to begin this wonderful journey through these courses with Udemy. The Introduction was a very good beginning for me 🙂 -> Durga

The course is talking of the meaningful facts required to acquire the knowledge. -> Shyla Dsouza

i need to say that overall, the course is really amazing that the fact to remember that you will not be able to manage until you have the spirit of self-learning, you need to have the daily practice and self-dedication to fully complete the course and as well as the Sanskrit Language 🙂 -> Keshav Dixit

An amazing course! The material is easy to follow, and there is a lot of course material and practice material. The instructor is also quick in answering questions. This is an excellent course! -> Advay

Loved the lecture on icha, kriya and gnana shakthi’s – this is not just for sanskrit learning, this is for whatever we want to do in life… Thanks a lot Sir, I felt like again being in my school, sitting and learning in front of my favorite teachers! (will try to update once I complete this course. -> Bhuvaneswari Muthukumar

I enjoy the enthusiasm put into the making and teaching of the course. Its very motivating. Can’t wait to start! -> Kate

Namaskarah Iyer Mahodayah! This is a unique way of teaching in Udemy. Your passion multiplied by your patience for Sanskrit, is evident. You are creating a legacy here. May you achieve your lakshyas (goal) in abundance with Gods grace. I am genuinely overjoyed to be your student in these courses. Sincere Thanks for making these courses available. Koti Pranams. Bahu dhanyavadaha! -> Acharya

Very superb and valuable and clear explanations. I would say that if you want to learn Sanskrit , then close your eyes and opt for Sankar Iyer sir’s courses. Waiting for his future courses on the original ashtaadhyaayi -> Rama Seshan Chandrasekaran

This course is good for pattern is easy….and interesting -> Heena Bansal

Dear Shankar Sir, You have motivated me and my daughter of 9 years to start learning Samskruta. Your teaching is truly inspiring. Looking forward to completing all the courses and build a lifelong association with Samskruta. Thank you. Best Regards, -> Krishna Prasad

The first video gave a very good approach towards learning a language with examples. The path towards learning from this course was made very clear in the first lecture itself. -> Kartik Shashank

I’m fascinated by Sanskrit and I’ve been looking for an interactive/video course for quite a while and this is the first one I could found. The course is very comprehensive, includes frequent repetitions, exercises, and many, many video hours. Thank you for your great effort to put this course together – I can imagine the hard work behind it and I’d like to share my deep appreciation in that regard. I intend to complete all 3 levels, no matter how long it takes. Thank you once more and namaste! 🙂 -> Desislava Doncheva

I was searching for some good course to learn Sanskrit. I think my search ends here. Kudos to his patience. He repeats few concepts multiple times, I remember most of the things without byheart. I enrolled for all 3 courses, though I’m still in the middle of 1st course. -> Venkat

Great course, i have been searching for such course for so long. finally got it on Udemy. Great instructor with volumes  of knowledge.-> Vivek Kumar

I always wished to learn this language and I am grateful to you for this course. After knowing your journey of learning Sanskrit, I am now more inspired and motivated to study in depth. Thank you once again for sharing your knowledge. -> Shubham Garg

The sincerity to be a good teacher is very motivational -> Karl lopes

This is my first ever intro class. the expectation, the journey to the class is very clearly defined. I just loved the way sir explained. Thank you sir. I am very eager to learn this course. -> Lakshmi Devi

Awesome course! Step by step teaching and very easy for beginners to catch. I loved this course! -> Manish Agarwal

The instructor has meticulously crafted this course to perfectly meet the requirements of a beginner. I came upon this course after a lot of research on a good way to learn Sanskrit online and I think I made the right choice. I am very impressed and thankful for the structured lesson plan, exercises and resources. Hope to continue my journey and take up Course 2 in the future as well. 🙏 -> Aneesh Ghosh

This is a wonderful course. Myself an Instructor, I know how difficult to create a comprehensive course. Kudos to Shri. Shankar for his extra ordinary effort in putting this course. The exercise in the first chapter is amazing. Believe me, once you complete that exercise you will be able to read the words. I am able to read most of the words in Lecture 7 except few with conjunct consonants. Overall amazing experience so far. Will continue my learning journey with Shri. Shankar. God bless the instructor. -> Muthu Vijayan Elango

From quite a longtime I had desire to learn Sanskrit, but could not find a good teacher. Fortunately, I came across this course which is the best for learning Sanskrit. The Course material is excellently designed and is easy to understand. Iyer Sir has excellent grip on the topic. I am happy to say that now I have good amount of information and need to soak into it by practice. Thanks a lot Iyer Sir and Udemy Eagerly waiting to join level 2 -> Seema Sriram

A princípio parece ser exatamente como eu esperava e com uma metodologia de aprendizado que eu gosto muito ->Laira Augusta Freitas Castro

J’ai surtout aimé l’idée d’apprendre comme un enfant et LE TRÉSOR qu’est “apparemment ” le sanskrit ! -> Mia van den Arend 

Curso extremamente bem estruturado. Umo dos melhores que ja vi.(extremely well structured course. One of the best I ever saw. Very well done!) -> Willem van Utrecht