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Complete Comprehensive and Easy Sanskrit for Beginners

Why this course

I have been learning Sanskrit for the past five years and found many difficulties in the method of teaching by different instructors. I always felt incomplete and wanting more because most of the lectures are just brushing up a topic. So, I created this course to teach Sanskrit to absolute beginner in easy to follow steps and in totality. My objective is to inspire my students, to learn Sanskrit completely, progressively and cumulatively to shorten their learning curve. Just give a try and find yourself! You can complete this course by dedicating an hour a day and following my learning methodologies.

Course Statistics

Course Status : Published
Meant for : Beginner
Video : 61 Hours
Lectures : 166 Sessions
Duration : 2 Months
Study Materials : Included
Prerequisite : None
Hosted at : Udemy

Course Syllabus

Brief Course Intro

This Beginners course is designed and structured by me after examination of the flaws in many of the online courses and YouTube Channels so that an absolute beginner will find it homely and comfortable to complete this course in easy to follow study material with supporting explanations.

Because this is the Beginners course, each exercise is given after sufficiently discussing the topics and solving sample worksheets only, homework for the learner is given. The exercises are along with the lectures and in this course you are asked to write down the questions from within the lecture itself. The key to exercises are discussed in the following lecture. The most important part of this course is to read and write without mistakes and more exercises are dedicated on this aspect.

Many learners welcomed my effort in constructing this course and are continually enrolling, interacting with me during their learning difficulties. I am sure you will find it simple and easy to follow my lesson plans.

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